Delta Mechanical is changing the way multi-family redevelopment is viewed. We have revamped our methodologies to set a new standard in the re-piping industry. Delta Mechanical' expertise is second to none being that we were the largest re-piping company in the Polybutylene class action settlement (Cox vs. Shell) and the Kitec class action settlement (in re-Kitec fitting litigation). This has afforded us the opportunity to work with some of the most skilled tradesmen in the business. In addition Delta Mechanical has performed re-piping in 38 states with the job being as small as a residential partial re-pipe to large scale high-rise developments in luxury destinations.

Over the last 30 years Delta has gained a reputation for safety, quality and efficiency while providing numerous services such as:


  • Potable water distribution, Chiller/Hydronic  system Re-piping
  • Faulty fitting replacements
  • Laundry conversions
  • Boiler to individual water heater conversions
  • Fire sprinkler retrofits
  • And many other custom tailored programs

We are changing the way that customer service is perceived. Our knowledgeable staff can help tailor a program that can work with your budget but will be there throughout the process to ensure the highest level of customer service possible.

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    I am the Property Manager for the Mallorca Condominium Association. The Association went through a yearlong re-pipe of 369 units with Delta Mechanical as the contractor. This particular community has a history of "difficult" residents with very high expectations that can sometimes be unreasonable. It is therefore a very difficult community to manage and when the re-pipe contract was signed, I felt sure I was in for a year of complaints. To my surprise, the project went very smooth. As anyone can imagine, a re-pipe is very invasive, especially when up to 32 holes are cut in one unit. The crews for Delta were amazing, and I received multiple compliments from the residents over the year. And when there were those residents who you just can't make happy no matter what, the crews did their best, always with a smile. And if there was a mistake, as there surely will be with a project of this magnitude, Delta handled it beautifully to ensure it was resolved. I highly recommend Delta Mechanical for your re-pipe and look forward to working with them again if the opportunity presents itself with my other communities.
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